Why is the Truth so Dangerous?

Dagens Nyheter (DN) (1) refused a shorter version of this reply to the young maxist Andreas Malm (2). This is the second time he has attacked me and the second time I have been denied an answer in DN, the first being on November 19th, 2006.

By Lasse Wilhelmson

In DN’s supplement for Culture and Entertainment on May 29th, 2009, Andreas Malm is offended by my two long interviews by Mohamed Omar (3), and comments on the latest – Progress for a critical view of Zionism. Malm obviously finds it difficult to accept the fact that the interviews have aroused so much public interest. His criticism is hardly impartial; he delivers no facts that contradict my sources.

All my attempts to reveal these sources on DN’s website page for readers’ comments have been erased. However, another of DN’s columnists, the Zionist whip Torbjörn Elensky, has declared that there is no need to corroborate facts when dealing with established truths such as the “Holocaust”. This is, of course, correct if the “Holocaust” is seen as a religion rather than a researchable part of the World War II.

Because of the limited space at my disposal, I will mention only two of my descriptions of historical events that Malm mockingly distorts. Both are included in the official picture of the “Holocaust” where the Jews are incorrectly portrayed as the ultimate victims of World War II. This description is currently being used to cover up and justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the policies of genocide against the Palestinians.

The new Hitler is said to be in Iran. He is accused of wanting to wipe out the Jewish state, using nuclear weapons he doesn’t have but Israel does. The victims of the “Holocaust” proclaimed a state in Palestine, which presupposed a policy of genocide towards those who lived there. All criticism of this is met with accusations of “anti-Semitism”.

Where, then, does the figure “6 million Jews” and the concept of the “Holocaust”, which are part of the official picture, come from? A picture that, because they questioned it, has rendered numerous researchers prison sentences in Europe. A fact that hardly reinforces its credibility.

When Omar interviewed me I quoted an article from the Jewish magazine “The American Hebrew”, October 31st, 1919 (page 582) by Martin H. Glynn, former governor of the state of New York, “The crucifixion of Jews must stop!” He is concerned about 6 million Jews who at that time were threatened by a holocaust; that is to say, many decades before World War II and even longer before this would become part of the official picture of the “Holocaust”. Articles of this nature were printed in The New York Times on countless occasions between 1919 and 1920, being part of an extensive campaign for the support of Jews in Europe.

These facts do not, of course, contradict or excuse Nazi Germany’s crimes against Jews and other groups during World War II. On the other hand, the official picture of the “Holocaust” fashioned much later on, loses credibility and can be called into question.

I also comment on an event of which until recently I was quite unaware, but that was significant for its time. I use it as an example of issues that are not discussed openly because of the current widespread J-taboo in the western world. In the interview I say:

“ It is an historical fact that the so-called worldwide Jewish community declared war on Germany as early on as 1933, the year that Hitler and Roosevelt came to power, a year of financial crisis and famine in Ukraine. This declaration of war and other events are described in The Barnes Review, January/February 2002, pages 41-45 And they also made headlines in The Daily Express, March 24th, 1933, among other publications.

It was about an international economic boycott of Germany that took place at the same time as the then, small Zionist Jewish organisations started working together with the Nazis in order to lay hands on as many suitable Jews as possible for the colonisation of Palestine before the real persecution of Jews started in Germany”.

It would appear obvious that this declaration of war, engineered by the Jewish mafia on Wall Street, served the interests of Zionists and threatened ordinary Jews in Germany.

Andreas Malm summarises this in one rhetorical sentence:

“ Like with the 6 millions. It is a figure the Jews invented long before World War II – a war, incidentally, they started themselves.”

To avoid any misunderstanding, I would here like to emphasise that I do not hold the opinion that it is “the Jews” who are the root of all the evil in the world. I have often underlined the fact that most Jews are being used by the Zionist power elite – that is made up of both Jews and others. I believe further that Zionism has hijacked Judaism and is currently the Jews’, and other people’s, greatest enemy.

Today Israel is the biggest threat to a world in peace. Its leaders blatantly threaten adjacent capital cities with nuclear warfare if the Jewish state is put at risk of being replaced by a democratic state, with equal rights for all who live, or have lived, on the land between the Mediterranean and the River Jordan. What they themselves call the “Holocaust” of Israel.

”The Holocaust Religion” and all its taboos are justifying Israel’s policies and the Zionist power elite’s neo-colonial war. This is why facts that reveal the truth about this religion are dangerous.


1. Sweden’s largest daily newspaper

2. Writer, journalist and political activist.

3. Poet, journalist, lecturer, commentator and chief editor of the Muslim magazine Minaret.

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