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Did you think that Cast Lead four years ago was enough (1), and the governments of the world after that would stop the Mad Dog?

Do you think the Mad Dog is about the UN, EU, Nato, US, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Iran and other nations?

Maybe you think it is about neo-colonialism, imperialism or even the oil – the final struggle between left and right or between religions?

Not quite, it is about Zionism, that at the same time is left and right, is it not? (2)

So you think it is about Israel – the Rothschild Jews-only state?

Sorry, but you are wrong – at least to some extent.

The Mad Dog is about the entity that still controls the world Central banking, the production of ideology and the military resourses – so far …

The Mad Dog is also on the top of the foodchain of tribalism that is now destroying love between all humans and threatens the world with an Armageddon.

The Mad Dog is working for a New World Order, weakening national states, creating conficts between religious and ethnic groups in order to control the people of the world.

The Mad Dog wants Jerusalem to become the capital of the world with the people of the world as slaves.

The Mad Dog only consider The Chosen as humans and they will never have enough.

The Mad Dog is Jewish Power (and more?) – and the people of the world are now all ”palestinians”- even most Jews.

It is about time for all those who use the palestinians and Palestine for their own agenda to unite, because Palestine is in all our hearts – the Pillar of Humanism.

Lasse Wilhelmson

On the 8th day of the ”Pillar of Cloud” 2012

Update after Ceasefire at the same day as above


Palestinians in Gaza are now celebrating the victory of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other groups, while Nethanyahu and Barak do not look that happy at the press conference.


As always they are for sure disappointed that they did not have the opportunity to kill more Palestinians. But they should be happy anyway, because they managed to avoid a quick Phyrric victory, instead of a more slow one. We can be sure that there were a lot more surprises to come from the resistance. However whatever they get, Nethanyahu, Barak and their ilk will never have enough anyway.

Pillar of Cloud will most probably become a turning point for, not only the Palestinians, but for the whole Middle East and more. The Jewish entity on stolen land will never be the same from now and on.

What happened is of course a result of careful preparations by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and solidarity especially by Hezbolla and Iran. But it also has the hallmarks of a takeover by the Strategist from the Mad Dogs in the Jewish dominated power elite outside the Jewish entity. It looks like a blockade by the political chessplayer Zbigniew Brzezinski et al. While the Jewish entity may become a Dame sacrifice as the Blizen Chess does not work any longer.

One step backwards and then two forwards is also something to think about.

From now on Jewish Power will try to go on with their NWO-project possibly together with Egypt and Saudi Arabia and nobody knows what obligations were given to Nethanyahu and Barak concerning Iran, who still is an obstacle in confronting Russia and China. In a way Iran seems to get the same role in West Asia as Germany in Europe before and during WWII. And the Jewish cuckoo is for sure long since penetrated all needed banking systems when they definitely have sucked all there is to take from the dollar.

He who sees will live …

Most hopeful although is that the palestinian victory will contribute to uniting the palestinians and all Arab people in the liberation of Palestine, and that the Jewish entity will no longer be so attractive as ”The only democracy in the Middle East” for the states of the world.

Let us be happy and celebrate this day, and the heroic struggle by the Palestinians in Gaza.

With love and solidarity to all of you.

1. Shut down Israel, my speech on Al Quds day 2009

2. What is Zionism?

3. Quo vadis?

With thanks to

Nahida, Exiled Palestinian

Gilad Atzmon, Hebrew-speaking Palestinian in Exile

Mousa Almllahi, Exiled Palestinian in Exile

Lasha Darkmoon

The Truth Seeker

Not to forget Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hesbollah and Iran – thank you.

And many others …

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