ABC on Jewish Ideology and Power

Se also  Gilad Atzmon: ”The role of the Left … is to stop us from looking into Jewish power”

Radio interview with Ryan Dawson

27 Oct 2013

”In fact, I actually argue that the so-called anti-Zionists are actually far more dangerous – and this is crucial. You see, I like to talk about Jewish power: there is no doubt that the Jewish power plays a major role in contemporary politics, banking and so on. The Jewish Lobby openly pushes for a war in Syria; and, before that, conflict with Iran and so on. There is no doubt about it.

”However, I argue that all those events can be easily checked – you can read my book, and John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt about the Israeli Lobby, you can read James Petras, you can read Jeff Blankfort, and so on. I argue that what they describe is not Jewish power; it is just symptoms of Jewish power.

”The real meaning of Jewish power is the capacity to stop us from talking about Jewish power. The Jewish power is not the embodiment of the pro-Zionists, for instance. … Jewish power is the successful tendency to stop us from looking into it. Now this is not done by Dershowitz, or Foxman – ADL Foxman. This is done by the Jewish Left, and the Left in general. The role of the Left, and the Jewish Left in particular, is to stop us from looking into Jewish power. In other words, the definition of Jewish power is the capacity to stop us from looking into Jewish power.”

”And this is exactly what Noam Chomsky did on Democracy Now, when he had to discuss John Mearsheimer. He dismissed his whole approach, instead of discussing it. Finkelstein – Norman Finkelstein – did pretty much the same thing. By the way, Democracy Now should have brought Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer to debate Chomsky; but they didn’t. They operated as an instrument of Jewish power, diverting attention from the issue.

”Now, it is not a secret, that the vast majority of Progressive organizations in America, the vast majority of Palestinian NGOs, the vast majority of Palestinian Solidarity groups, are supported by George Soros’ Open Society, who also support the Zionist liberal J Street. And this is why we see a suspicious similarity between the ideas presented by liberal Zionism and the progressive network. And this is what transforms the Left – which stands for beautiful values, that I respect to a certain extent – this is what transforms the Left into a dubious network of Controlled Opposition.”